Getting Started with Planning Center as a Church Management System

The first step of this journey is all about your church.

  • Have you ever used a ChMS before?
  • Have you used Planning Center before?
  • Are you currently using another ChMS?

With those answers, you’ll be well on your way to the correct path. But don’t do it alone! Check out the tips on who should be on the team for rolling out Planning Center to your church.

Get Started with Planning Center

Look at the options below to choose which path to take.

Brand new to church management software?

  • Your church hasn't used Planning Center or other church management software before.
  • You’re using handwritten contact cards, phone calls, and spreadsheets to manage your tasks.

Existing Planning Center Customer

  • You or your church have used some of Planning Center before.
  • You’ve been given permission to use all of Planning Center’s products.

Transitioning from Another ChMS

  • Your data is in another church management software system.
  • You’re ready to migrate all your data to Planning Center.