Two-Step Verification

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One of the ways you can keep your church's database safe is by setting up two-step verification. When you log in with your password, you'll be sent a code to another device to verify that you are the one logging in.


Two-step verification is available for anyone who can log in to Planning Center.

For more information about two-step verification, check out this video.

Activate Two-Step Verification

You can activate two-step verification from any product.

Select your profile picture on Toolbar at the the top right to see if two-step verification is active for your account. If it's inactive, click My login settings.

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You'll be taken to a page to verify you want to enable two-step verification, and then you can choose where you'd like to receive your security code.


The option to log in with a phone number is not available when two-step verification is enabled. You must log in using an email address.

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  1. If you have applications like Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo Mobile, or Microsoft Authenticator on your device, you use one of those apps to generate a code.

  2. Use a mobile phone number that can receive texts.

Once you follow the steps to choose your path to verification, you'll receive a one-time code that will verify you are the one logging in, and then two-step verification will be activated for your profile!


The last page of the verification process has your emergency backup code. Store this code in a secure place in case you lose the device you use to receive your security code.

Two-Step Verification and Linked Accounts

In order to enable Two-Step Verification for multiple accounts at once, ensure the accounts are linked first. Once the accounts are linked, enable Two-Step Verification as usual.

Accounts with Two-Step Verification already enabled can only be linked if they share the same recovery code. If you are unable to link accounts that have Two-Step Verification enabled, you'll need to disable Two-Step Verification first. From there, link the accounts and enable Two-Step Verification once more.

Remove Two-Step Verification

If you need to remove the two-step verification for your profile, you can remove it in the same place you enabled it.

Select your profile picture on Toolbar at the top right, and then click My login settings.


You'll be asked to verify that you want to remove the device, and then you'll need to enter the verification code sent to your device.

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