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It's time to greet all those people with smiling faces! Create a Check-Ins event from your signup to automatically check kids and volunteers into the correct location based on their assignment, print custom labels, check in via QR code, and scan to check out.  

From the Registrations page on your signup, select Set up Check-Ins for this signup from the Attendance dropdown.


You must have editor permissions in Check-Ins to set up this integration. 

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Select the event option under Link attendees and assignments. This ensures attendees see the correct location when they check in based on what you assigned them in Registrations!

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Update Check-Ins Event Settings

Set up check-in times, event frequency, labels, and other details by updating the settings for your integrated event. 

On the Events page in Check-Ins, select your VBS event listed with the Registrations logo next to the title. 

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On the Settings tab, select the Daily / VBS frequency and add the event dates. 

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From the Times tab, create a check-in and check-out window by determining when the event will be accessible from the station. Update the Show at time to the earliest you want check-ins to begin, then set the Hide at time after check-outs. 

update hide-at.gif

Assignment types and areas are synced with your Check-Ins event and displayed as folders and locations. Any age/grade options or capacity settings you added to each area carry over as uneditable location filters. 


You must update the volunteer settings and labels for each location!

There are unique field options exclusive to creating custom labels for integrated VBS events.

  1. Displays any add-ons selected during registration.

  2. Shows the person's selection type.

  3. Adds the event logo.

  4. Includes the name and phone number of the checked-in by person.

Use Stations for Attendance and Security

VBS brings in a mix of attendees, including those who have registered, those who haven't, and those who are attending for the first time! Everyone needs to be accounted for, from when they walk in the door to pick-up time, and security is non-negotiable. Manned and roster stations, medical notes, emergency texting, and trusted people are all available tools to boost the confidence of your volunteers and parents. 

Here are some best practices for during the event:

  • Have unregistered guests register before checking in so you can obtain the information you need to assign them to a location and reach anyone in an emergency. 


    Print and post the shareable QR code at the bottom of your signup page in Church Center to allow new attendees to register using their phones!

  • Use manned stations as your primary method of checking in. Volunteers can greet and connect with each family, update any missing information, or make last-minute assignment adjustments. 

  • If you want to confirm that children who checked in made it to their classroom, set up a roster station on your classroom leaders' phones. They can access the information they need (only within the Show/Hide times you set up), text household adults when necessary, and see the medical notes and security codes of the kids in their care.

  • Show the event in Church Center if you want parents to pre-check their children in before arriving at the church! At the manned station, they can scan a QR code and have labels printed immediately. 

  • Check out kids from the classroom or manned stations where volunteers can verify the adults allowed and not allowed for pickup

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