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It's time to greet all those people with smiling faces! From the Registrations event, choose how you want to take attendance.

Take Attendance

From the event in Registrations, click Attendance, and then choose how you want to take attendance.

  1. If you don't need to print labels, you can have a record of who attended the specific event by taking attendance in Registrations.

  2. If you want to print name tags, choose the Checkistrations event that you want to create, based on the assignments you made previously. This event will be created in Check-Ins.

The rest of this section is based on checking people in with a Check-Ins event.


You can also create an event in Check-Ins separately from Registrations.

Pro: Events can have show at/hide at times, use the balanced check-in feature, and use the Services integration for Volunteers.

Con: Registrations information, such as balance due, assignments, and missing forms, will not be carried over.

Check People In

If you create the Check-Ins event based on assignments, you can switch between assigned area lists on the Roster Station.


If you check someone in who hasn't registered for the event, they will show up as a Guest, but they will not be automatically registered for the event and will not show up on the list the next day.


If your church uses the Church Center app, people can pre-check their kids in and simply scan a QR code to finish and instantly print their labels when they arrive!

You can create a custom label to print when people check in. If you're using the integration, your labels can include the Registrations selection, add-ons, and the signup's logo!


Check Out and Start New

At the end of VBS, check out kids using their security tag with a scanner at a Manned Station. On the Admin side, add a filter for not checked out to see who you might have missed.


When you're ready to start checking kids in again the next morning, open the stations locked to the VBS event and start checking in!

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