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First, set up online registrations for both attendees and volunteers. When you create the event, you will be prompted to set the name and the first date/time of the event.

Create Attendee Types

Add any other attendee types you need, such as volunteers. When you're editing your attendee types, collect important information about your attendees that will help you with the setup of your other apps.

Create Event Date/Times

From the Event Details tab, add times for your entire schedule for the week of VBS. These times will show up on the event itself.

create event

Set Up Assignments

If you typically break people into teams at VBS, you can set up assignments with filters. These assignments areas will be made into locations in Check-Ins when you start checking people in, which allows people to check in to the right "place" and have that "place" print on their nametag.

To assign people based on the filters set up for each assignment area, go to the Unassigned tab, and then click Auto Assign.

Finish setting up your event, and open it for people to register!

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