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First, set up online registrations for attendees and volunteers using a Detailed Signup. When you create the signup, you will be prompted to set the name and the first date/time of the event.

Create Selections

Add the selections based on pricing or how you plan to group kids during the event, such as teams or classes organized by age or grade group. You can also add a selection for volunteers.

When creating your selections, choose which fields of important personal information you want to collect about the attendees that will be using each selection. This information will update their People profile.


Add Dates/Times

From the About tab in the Configuration tab, add times for your entire schedule for the week of VBS. These times will show up on the event itself.


Set Up Assignments

If you typically break people into teams at VBS, you can set up assignments with filters.


To assign people based on the filters set up for each assignment area, go to the Unassigned tab and click Auto Assign.

Finish setting up your event, and open it for people to register!

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