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Beta testers get to be among the first to try out new builds of our apps for iOS and Android. These updates make the existing features better, remove bugs, and add brand new features.

Choose any of the following to "opt in" as a beta tester for that particular app, and you'll be given instructions on how to install it on your device.



Change Your Mind?

If you accepted the invitation and no longer wish to test the app, you can delete yourself as a tester in the app’s Information page.

  • iOS
    In the TestFlight app, view the app you no longer wish to beta test for, then select "Stop Testing". If you're ever interested in trying a beta version again in the future, you can always opt back in using the links above.
  • Android
    Return to the app’s Information page where you had Opted In, select the option on that page to Opt Out and stop testing. If you're not sure how to get back to that Beta page, see the list above for each of our mobile app's beta pages. 

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