Where do I create my team?

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In Planning Center, there are two main places to create a group of people. You can create a Team in Services, or you can create a Group in Groups.

Services is great for when you need to know exactly who is going to show up on a specific date, and if they can't, you can find someone else to take their place.

Groups is great for situations where everyone in the group is always invited to each event or included in all communication.

Serving Teams

If your people serve at an event, create the teams and positions in Services and add them to the plan they're serving in.


You can create templates of rotations or add needed positions to plans to schedule your team members.


If your people meet at times that don't coincide with service times, they'd be great groups. Create a group of all the members and add any events to meet with them.


Sharing Content

Services allows your members to access songs and media easily from any device, including our Android and iOS apps, in order to rehearse.


If you don't need to rehearse, Groups has a great place to add any resource people might need.



Group Leaders can enable messaging in Church Center, so members can communicate there.

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Team Leaders in Services can send emails from the team page or from the main People page.

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Team Leaders can also send a text to members from a plan on the Android or iOS mobile app.

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