How do I transfer administration?

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Planning Center accounts are owned by the Organization they were created for, not the individuals who created them. Accounts can have multiple Organization Administrators who manage the whole Planning Center account.

Assign Organization Administrators

When you sign up and create a Planning Center Account, you are automatically made the Organization Administrator.

We recommend that you designate at least one other Administrator as an Organization Administrator to lower the risk of losing control when an Administrator leaves the organization or is unavailable during an emergency.


When you designate someone else as an Organization Administrator, they can:

  • Add and remove other Organization Administrators (including you) at any time.

  • Enable, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any of your Planning Center subscriptions.


If you're not sure who the current Organization Administrators are, visit your Administrator Page.

Unavailable Organization Administrator

People switch jobs, go on extended leave, or take vacations, which means the Organization Administrators may be unavailable for any number of reasons.

If you need to make changes to your account but cannot contact your Organization Administrators, contact our Support Team by clicking the ? in the upper right of any of our apps in order for them to have your account information when you email them.

Our Support Team will not be able to add Organization Administrators to your account, but they can move the account payment date back to keep your account running if it's been suspended due to lack of payment.

Replace an Organization Administrator

If you need to replace an Organization Administrator, and they are unable or unwilling to make the change themselves, our Support Team can help you make this change. You will need to provide them with the following information:

If you pay by credit card, please include:

  • The amount that you are charged

  • The exact day of the month you are charged

  • The last four digits of the credit card we are charging

  • The Organization Number of your account

If you pay by check, please include:

  • The check number of your most recent payment

  • The amount of your most recent payment

  • The Organization Number of your account

Please email this information to

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