How do I transfer administration?

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Planning Center accounts are owned by the Organization they were created for, not the individuals who created them. Organization Administrators are responsible for managing the data and profiles stored in the church's account. While there's no limit to the number of Organization Administrators an account can have, this level of access should not be given out lightly.


Each account should have at least two people in the Organization Administrator role at all times to lower the risk of losing control when an Administrator leaves the organization or is unavailable during an emergency.

If you need to change who is in this role, this guide will take you through the necessary steps based on your current role and level of access.

I am the sole Organization Administrator and need to add my replacement

If you are currently the only Organization Administrator for your church's account and will be leaving your position, you'll need to prepare the account for another person to take over.

Start by adding at least one other person as an Organization Administrator on the People page in the Account settings.


Share the Introduction for Organization Administrators guide with them to help them get oriented.


Next, read through our Staff Transitionsguide to ensure you've properly reassigned all your tasks to another person.

Once you're confident the account is ready for the next person to take over, the new Organization Administrator can remove you from the Organization Administrator role and set your profile as Inactive in People or set your permissions to a lower level in any products you'll still be involved with.

I need to be added as an Organization Administrator

People switch jobs, go on extended leave, or take vacations, which means the current Organization Administrators may be unavailable for several reasons. If you need to be added to your church's account as an Organization Administrator but aren't sure who to request access from, you can log in to Planning Center and go to this page: Request Access.


This page will show you which products you currently have access to. In the bottom section, you can type up a message to explain why you're requesting to be made an Organization Administrator. When you click Request access, your message will be emailed to all current Organization Administrators for the account. They'll then be able to add you to that role if your request is approved.


If you do not have a profile in the church's account yet, you cannot use this method. You'll need to reach out directly to someone at your church to request they create a profile for you and give you any level of access to one of the products so you can log in.

Request Organization Administrator Change

If you need to replace an organization administrator but cannot access the Administrators page, email to request that change. You must verify your identity before any changes can be made; use the table below to determine what identifiable information to include in your email based on your payment method.

Payment Method

Required Info

Credit Card

  • The amount that you are charged

  • The exact day of the month you are charged

  • The last four digits of the credit card we are charging

  • The Organization Number of your account


  • The check number of your most recent payment

  • The amount of your most recent payment

  • The Organization Number of your account

Payment is due for my account, but the current Administrators are unavailable

If your account has a payment due, anyone with Organization Administrator or Billing Manager permissions can update the billing information.

If you need more time to contact them and request changes, you can contact our Support Team by clicking the ? in the upper right of any of our products. Using the ? will provide them with your account information when you email them.

Our Support Team will not be able to add Organization Administrators to your account, but they can move the account payment date back to keep your account running if it's been suspended due to lack of payment.

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