How can I take attendance?

Some events only need a general attendance number to track how many people attended the event. However, other events need to track specific attendance in order to follow up with specific people.

With Planning Center, you can do both!

General Attendance

If you just want to take general attendance, where you tally the total number of people in a specific place at a specific time, use Headcounts, which is free!

event numbers

In order to access Headcounts, you need to have a subscription to Check-Ins, but if you're not using Check-Ins for anything else, you can sign up for the free plan!

Specific Attendance

If you need specific attendance for each person, so you can know the names of the people who attended and be able to track their attendance history, you can use Check-Ins or Groups.

Check-Ins is great for when you need labels, or you want to track attendance associated with a Registrations event.
Groups works well for small groups and classes, where a Group Leader is able to follow up with members easily.


In Check-Ins, you need a station with a volunteer or a kiosk for people to check themselves in. In addition, you could skip the station, take attendance some other way, and then an administrator can manually check people in afterwards.

Check-Ins packages are based on the the number of check-ins on your busiest day of the week. For most churches, you'll have the highest number of check-ins on Sunday. Figure out how many total people will be checking in each Sunday and sign up for a package that fits.


Groups allows you to create events and check people into those events. You can even remind them or ask them to RSVP before the time of the event!

Group members and leaders will be shown on the main attendance list, but you can also add visitors.

Attendance Report page

Once the event is over, view any attendance reports to follow up with people who missed or track trends.

Groups pricing packages are based on the number of total members in groups.

View Attendance

Once you've taken attendance over a period of time, you can view a graph of the attendance.

Check-Ins Dashboard

On the Events page, you can filter the dashboard to show attendance based on a specified date range and even an event.

Once you have your filter in place, you can see the average attendance at the bottom of the graphs.

Groups Reports

On the Reports tab of the Groups page, filter the date range to see attendance totals for all the groups.

You can also see this information for each individual group from the Overview tab in the group.

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