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If you have tasks that require collaboration, you can add those tasks to a list, share the list with collaborators, and assign tasks to different people. When you're working together, you can see live changes made by other collaborators, and they can see yours, so your team stays as up-to-date as possible!

Add Collaborators

In a list, select the Manage Collaborators button to search for people to add as collaborators.


Search for people to add as collaborators or click the X next to a person's name to remove them as a collaborator. Anyone added or removed as a collaborator will get an email and in-product notification.


There are some restrictions to adding collaborators.

  • You can not add someone as a collaborator to My List because that task list is private to you.

  • You can only add someone as a collaborator if they have permissions for at least one product.

Once a person is added as a collaborator, they can view all tasks in the list, add new tasks, and edit or delete existing tasks.

Who can add collaborators?

Anyone with a product permission level that includes access to the People page of that product can add collaborators to a task list. This table breaks down those permissions by product.


Can add collaborators

Can't add collaborators


Organization Administrators

Billing Managers


People Editors

People Viewers


Editors, Viewers



Admins, Bookkeepers, Counters




Group Type Managers, Leaders


All users






All users



Anyone with at least the minimum permissions needed to view people outside of their teams, according to your Services permission settings.

Anyone below the minimum permissions needed to view people outside of their teams, according to your Services permission settings.

Assign Tasks

To assign a task to a collaborator within a shared task list, open the task and select someone from the Assigned to dropdown, then click Save.


When you assign a task to someone, their profile avatar will appear on the task.


The assigned collaborator will receive a notification of that new assignment.


If you inactivate or delete a collaborator's profile, they will be removed as a collaborator, and all tasks assigned to them will be unassigned. Tasks will also be unassigned from anyone manually removed as a collaborator.

Live Updates to Tasks

Since collaborators can see edits as they happen, you don't need to refresh your shared task list to see changes; however, depending on your action, you may need to click Save before the changes apply across collaborators.

  • If you change the task list color, remove a task, or mark a task as complete, other collaborators will see those changes as they happen, with no saving required.

  • If you update a task list name or edit a task, you must save those changes before they become visible to other collaborators.

All changes are updated live in the Toolbar as well as the Tasks page!


If you're working within a shared list and another collaborator deletes it, you will see a warning and the option to restore the list. Restoring the list will restore it for all collaborators.

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