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To make sure you stay up-to-date with what's going on in your database, add widgets that give you information at a glance. The widgets you choose will have alerts to help you stay updated or give you the next actions you need to take.

Click Add widget to add a new widget to your dashboard.


View a preview of the widget to ensure that's the widget you want before you add it.

  1. If this is not the widget you want to add to your dashboard, choose another from the dropdown.

  2. Rename the widget.

On the dashboard, you'll see the widget you just added with some options.

  1. Go back to the configure screen to change the title, update filters, or change the widget type.

  2. Click, hold, and drag to move the widget to a different position on the dashboard.

  3. If an arrow is present to the right of an alert, click to go to the relevant page.

  4. If there are more alerts than what fit in the widget, you can be taken to the place in the product to view all of them.

Check-Ins Widget

Groups Widget

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