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Working and volunteering at a church involves many responsibilities, and it's important to make sure nothing on your to-do list slips through the cracks. Tasks allow you to create, track, and organize to-do items, so you can stay on top of all the things you need to get done! You can get started on the Taskspage in Home.


Add New Tasks

Click Add task at the top right corner to create a new task. 


Begin filling in the details of your task.

  1. Edit the task's title.

  2. Add a due date.

  3. Write a description of the task. You can use formatting tools to change the appearance of the description, add bulleted lists, or include hyperlinks.

Organize and Manage Tasks

You can create lists to organize your various tasks, and you can change your view to see all tasks or only tasks within a specific list.

  1. Switch between different lists or see all tasks.

  2. Create a new list with a name and color.


To add a task to a specific list, make sure you are on that list when creating the task.

When viewing a list of tasks, you can filter that view, search for specific tasks, and manage individual tasks.

  1. Search for a task by name.

  2. Order the tasks alphabetically or by the due date.

  3. Choose from several filters for viewing your tasks: all tasks, completed tasks, tasks to do, tasks to do or completed on the current day, and tasks to do or completed during the current week.

  4. Mark a task as completed, or drag a task to reorder the list.

  5. Edit or delete an individual task.

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