How do I take attendance?

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Some events only need a general attendance number to track how many people attended. Other events need to track specific attendance to follow up with certain people.

In Planning Center, you can track general and specific attendance, depending on the purpose of an event. Answer the questions below to find the best way to take attendance for your event.

What kind of attendance are you looking to track?

I just need number totals.

If you need to know how many people are at the event, you have two options:

  • If you want people to register before the event, use Simple Signups, which allows people to reserve multiple signups simultaneously.

  • If you need to tally the total number of people in a specific place at a particular time, you can use the free Headcounts app!


    To access Headcounts, you need a subscription to Check-Ins, but you can sign up for the free plan if you're not using Check-Ins for anything else!

I want to see who came to the event.

Some events are public, like services anyone can attend. They typically have a regular frequency, and they're scheduled indefinitely.

Other events require some notice, like an invitation or a link to a page. These events also typically have end dates or take breaks between events.

So, what kind of event are you having?

Public: Anyone can attend, usually on a set schedule that recurs indefinitely.

If you want people to register beforehand, create a Registrations signup, and then take attendance on the day of the event.

To print labels for each attendee, use Check-Ins.

Invited: Specific start dates, usually with an end date or breaks.

If the event is for building relationships, create it in Groups.

  1. Create a group.

  2. Create an event within that group and remind the group members to attend the event.

  3. Before the event begins, the group leader will receive an email to take attendance for those who attended the group.

If it's a team meeting, schedule the team in Services, so you can plan based on their confirmations and rejections, and then take attendance at the team meeting.

If it's not a team meeting, you need to use Check-Ins.

  1. You don't have to set a frequency since you can start a new session anytime.

  2. Then, add the locations where people will be attending.

  3. Set up a station with a volunteer to check people in or a kiosk for people to check themselves in.

Still not sure?

If you're unsure which product to use, use the chart below to see which products accomplish specific tasks.





RSVP (sign up or confirm)




Print labels


Add visitor



Share resources



In and out timestamp


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