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All Planning Center products have a free tier. As a smaller church, or during a testing time, you can use Planning Center for all kinds of ventures for free!

People Management

Keeping track of people's information can be done in many ways, but sharing that information and keeping it updated can be hard for one Admin. We make people management easy and fully free forever, no matter how many people you have.

Our People product is a great way to organize and manage information for the people in your church, and it's completely free for unlimited information. You can add as many profiles to your People database as you want, and you can use lists, workflows, notes, and forms without limits.

Church Center and forms make it easy for new visitors to create profiles for themselves and even for existing members in your congregation to update their profile data, so you always have the most up-to-date information.

Event Organization

All churches have events, and you need a place to create and share them. All the avenues listed below filter into Church Center, where people can see a full calendar of events!

Calendar is a great tool for managing all your events. It is priced by the number of rooms you'll be scheduling, and the free tier comes with one room. You can create unlimited events as well as unlimited resources. To populate your calendar, you can import calendar feeds and then share your events without restrictions!

With Registrations, you can have people sign up for free or paid events while collecting necessary information about them. You can have up to five registered attendees for your largest event each month. All other features are unrestricted, and you can create as many signups as you like.

If you have Groups, you can ask group members to RSVP for an event and then take attendance at the event. You can have up to fifteen group members across unlimited groups.


Electronic payments will be charged a low, additional fee by Stripe per transaction.

Services is the best way to schedule volunteers, organize your teams, and plan your services or other special events. Schedule up to five team members, store 100 MB of song, media, or general files, and prepare for as many plans as you desire!

Check-Ins gives you the ability to track attendance for up to ten individuals. If you want to track more than ten people attending your event, you can use Headcounts to record overall attendance numbers for your services or events without having each person check in when they arrive.

People Engagement

When people engage with your church, your church can make a much more significant impact! There are many digital ways to initiate engagement with people, making it easier to keep connecting with them.

Church Center enables your church members to manage their profile information, donations, and schedule. They can also view a church calendar or directory and fill out forms.

Publishing gives you the tools to customize Church Center's home page and navigation items. Publishing has built-in pages to help congregants view, register for, and check into events, join groups, and give, as long as you enable those products.

Groups equips you to help connect your congregants with each other in community. You're not limited in the number of groups, events, and resources you can create, and you can have up to fifteen total group leaders and members on the free version. All groups can even use the messaging feature on Church Center!

Giving allows you to collect up to ten donations and track giving trends. Create funds, collect donations electronically, and manually enter physical donations in batches.


Electronic donations will be charged a low, additional fee by Stripe per transaction.


Each product has reporting features to make it easy to track data and trends in each product!

From People, you can generate reports that pull together information based on activity in all products for people in your whole database or specific lists of people.

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