How can I try or sign up for a new product?

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If you are interested in trying or signing up for a new Planning Center product, find out if your church already has a Planning Center account to ensure you don't create another account.


If your church already has an account, you don't need to create a new one! Ask one of the Organization Administrators to add another product from the product page.

Existing Church Signup

If anyone from your church is already using any part of Planning Center, add the new application to that existing account.

Whether you need to be given access to an application your church already subscribes to, or you want to sign up for a new application, talk with one of your church's Organization Administrators. These are the people with full access to all Planning Center apps.


Can I merge account information?

There is no way to merge multiple Planning Center accounts together, so it's important you start them off right. If you try to sign up for a new account, and your email address is already associated with another organization, we show a large warning.

If you have created two accounts and need to merge them, follow these steps.

First Time Signup

If you are the first person from your church to try Planning Center, it's easy! Follow these steps to start using Planning Center!

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