How can I pay or update my payment information?

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The first time you sign up for any new Planning Center application, you get your first 30 days free! After that, the payment for a subscription to the Planning Center products you choose is due by the date on your Billing page.


Each product has its own pricing level, depending on events, resources, or people. All subscriptions are based on a monthly plan, and you can upgrade or downgrade subscriptions at any time, tailoring them to your church's needs for that month.


If you unsubscribe from an application, your information will stay in that application, in case you want to resume in the future.

Add or Update Payment Information

Go to the Payment Method tab on the Billing page. Enter the payment information and choose the frequency. Click the Update buttons to save your preferences.


To update any of the payment information, delete the card, and then re-enter the entire card number again.


If you want to pay by check, contact Support using the ? in the top right.

Your card will be automatically charged on the date the account renews each month, which is listed at the top of the page.

How your payment is applied

After your credit card information is saved:

  • In most cases, your card will be charged on your next payment date. If your card was expired or your account is past due, your card will be charged immediately.

  • Each time your credit card is charged, the amount is credited to your account. If paying every three, six, or twelve months, your card is charged toward your prepaid balance. Your monthly cost is then deducted from that balance.

  • Each month, the Billing Manager will receive an email letting them know how much was paid.

If you have a prepaid balance due to a subscription change:

  • If you upgrade or downgrade your subscription in the middle of a billing cycle, the new subscription level will be in effect immediately. However, you will not be billed for the new payment amount until your next account renewal date.

  • Your card will be charged when your pre-paid balance is insufficient to cover your next monthly payment. This could be sooner or later than the payment frequency that you originally set if your subscription costs have changed since then.

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