How can I get training or support?

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Some management systems require a great deal of training before you can get started. We've designed Planning Center with simplicity in mind, so most features are easy to use. In addition, all applications come with a 30-day free trial you can activate on your own and instantly start using.

However, if you do need help, we have training materials and courses that can scale and be used by many people--not just Administrators of the account.

Watch Planning Center University

Planning Center University will help your team get up to speed with the features in Planning Center.

We keep the content updated, and you can watch the recordings at any time. This information is available to anyone who uses Planning Center!

If you want specific help with other applications, you can access other Planning Center University videos.

Brainstorm with Other Churches

The Planning Center Community on Slack is a great way for churches to share advice and connect with each other using chat. It's for strategizing with other church members, not for support.

If you have a part in implementing any Planning Center app at your church, sign up and join the conversation!

Contact the Support Team

At the top right of every Planning Center application is a ? that links directly to our online Help Center. You can search for any question, browse our articles (many of which include videos), or email our support team who generally answer within one business hour.

Even if you haven't signed up yet, you can browse our entire online help articles to see what we have to offer. These articles change constantly as our design changes and as we add features, so there's not a way to print the articles as a manual. To access the articles outside of the app, go to our General Help Center and choose one of our applications to see the documentation for that specific app.

Phone Calls

We're dedicated to getting you an email response within an hour whenever we can. We look into the issue in detail, ask for help from other seasoned members of the team, or even consult a developer, if necessary. This type of direct assistance and shared knowledge isn't available when on the phone.

However, if you do need a phone call, you can schedule one when you open a ticket.

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